step 1 intake test

Purchase one of these tests to baseline key hormone levels and help your clinician determine the proper treatment protocol.

Ultimate Men&
Ultimate Men&
Ultimate Men&
Ultimate Men&
Ultimate Men&

Ultimate Men's Health

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The most comprehensive test on the market! Our ULTIMATE blood test checks your internal system to give you the ultimate piece of mind. 


✅Cardiac Risk 

✅Stress Marker  


✅Liver Function  

✅Thyroid Function 

✅Kidney Function 

âś…Prostate Health

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Who is getting tested? ? Tests results can only be delivered to an account with the same legal name, date of birth and demographic information as the patient who is being tested.
What is the sex assigned to you at birth?

Must be 18+ to purchase

All test takers must meet our minimum age requirements (determined per test). Each test processed by TRYBE Labs includes the cost of physician services from Wheel Provider Group ($8 per test).

Step 2 schedule a consult

Your medical history questionnaire will inform your provider of your goals, symptoms and limitations prior to your consultation.

You will be redirected back to this page once you have completed the questionnaire.

step 3 consult

Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation

Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation

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Team up with a provider to discuss hormone replacement therapy options, including testosterone.

Step 4 treatment

Sermorelin Peptide (30 Day Supply)
Sermorelin Peptide (30 Day Supply)

Sermorelin Peptide (30 Day Supply)

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Sermorelin is a synthetic peptide that is analogous to growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), which is a hormone that stimulates the production and release of growth hormone (GH) from the pituitary gland. Developed initially for diagnostic evaluation of pituitary function and subsequently used for therapeutic purposes, sermorelin has also become notable in the realms of anti-aging and athletic performance enhancement.

This product requires an intake test and a hormone replacement therapy consultation.

step 5 continuous monitoring

Your provider will determine a testing protocol to ensure efficacy and safety of the program.