We're Just Better


We're Just Better

Better Collection

Finger Pricks Suck

Better Science

Better Results

Engaging and Interactive Test Scores

Better Price

Nearly half the cost of the competitors

diagnose. treat. repeat.

Testing for all

TRYBE Labs was founded to make measuring your blood simple and effective. We run the diagnostic tests on your body to address the causes of poor output and suggest a supplemental response to optimize performance.  

We give you the tools to up your game in all areas of everyday life. Being the best you is not only felt on a personal level, but positively impacts the rest of your tribe. 

Spend less time in the waiting room and more time doing what you love.

Real Blood. REal Science. Real Results.

NO Fingersticks

Our FDA approved pain free collection device allows us to collect real blood at home. NO fingersticks.

This in turn allows us to run FDA approved testing in the lab. Not the pseudoscience other labs are running on fingerstick blood spot cards.

You are getting the same quality of testing you get at a doctor's office without the hassle.

actual affordable healthcare

Best value

Our comprehensive panels and superior collection device are typically half the price of competitors.

How can we offer these prices?

Because we own our labs and choose to charge less. Healthcare should be accessible to all.

We believe a better you creates a better Trybe.

You're in Good Hands

World Class Physician Oversight

The Trybe Care Team is made up of a nationwide network of virtual care clinicians from a variety of specialties including: behavioral health, dermatology, family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, women’s health, endocrinology, cardiology, and sleep medicine.

Everything we do at Trybe Labs has clinical oversight. Our team of doctors and nurse practitioners review every order and monitor all results to ensure that our clients are receiving the best clinical care available.

visual health

Results that make sense

Healthcare doesn't have to be boring.

Our Results give the power back to the individual.

Easy to understand.

Easy to Track.

Easy to see how you are stacking up against the competition.

And Yes we do provide clinical reports as well.

cutting edge tech

Founded by Laboratory experts

More than 100 years of combined experience in laboratory medicine.

Our CLIA and Joint Commission accredited laboratory boasts the latest technologies to deliver timely and accurate results.